Please HELP

Drone Deploy is no longer working on either of my IPad mini devices as of yesterday. I have tried everything to get DD to work. I have been using DD for flight plans for 2 years now so why all of a sudden is it not working. I am very frustrated with this.

When I select a flight plan it just freezes the app completely. This is no good.

I have 80 flights to complete in the next 2 weeks and right now I am dead in the water.

Why is DD not working.

Hi @sidv4311,

I see that you’ve been in touch with Parker, who has been assisting you with your issue. Please let him know if any other issues crop up.


We’ve been able to reproduce this issue and a fix is in the latest version (2.60.0) which is downloadable from the app store.

Where else do you get service like this? Keep up the good work guys.