iOS app issues

So, I have found some issues with the app and we have only been testing for 2 days using an iphone 7 Plus and new iPad Pro running latest iOS

  1. App regularly does not show altitude, speed, distance, gimbal pitch, etc. It freezes and does not update.
  2. When flying multiple missions in queue, it would be nice if the app would create a new folder for each mission. It is impossible to tell where one missions stops and a new one starts on the memory card.
  3. Very sluggish.
  4. Missions do not sync from desktop unless you sign out and back in.
  5. Test picture always fails first attempt. Click retry, it then works fine.
  6. App does not check the DJI “style” setting. Noticed it does no auto switch back to normal.

These are the worst bugs we have noticed, so far. Think we will be switching back to MapPilot. We liked the fact that missions can be created on a desktop with DD, but the app does not seem refined enough for commercial use.

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Can you detail your software versions? Operating systems and apps.

I do not have it in front of me at this moment…it is the latest iOS (iPhone and iPadOS) and latest DD version, as of now.

Another issue: Had 3 missions queued…the third mission started to fly. At the end it just kept fly the same line back and forth…for eternity. I had to manually fly home.

Okay so for now we’ll assume that you just updated to iOS 13.6 and drone deploy 4.9 on both devices.

Just verified. Yes, you are correct.

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During a battery swap, the map went to some unknown location/country. Completely dissapeared. Then magically came back after the drone was already in the air and flying. I always have my finger ready on the Atti switch (P4Pv2). I really do not trust this app.

On a good note, the processing side of things seem pretty good. The acquisition side needs ALOT of work.

No offline terrain awareness either…another bummer and something that is available on Map Pilot

Some strange things are definitely happening right now and I encourage people to fly another platform, but to stay in touch with the DD app and this forum. They have done so much work over the last two years that I think we are a little ahead of ourselves. DroneDeploy started as an autonomous flight app and is fiercely starting to provide more of a project management side as well as really getting into deep features for flight that allot of times are at the mercy of DJI’s SDK or other connectors. It seems that they are sticking with their inhouse testing and not letting us beta test much any more and I think that’s a mistake.

They seem to be focusing too much on add-ons. Just make the app work. They are going to turn people away from all of their services if they do not focus on it. Map Pilot is the way to go…at least for us. They actually respond and work to resolve issues rather than pushing the buck around, as DD does (from my experience)

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That’s funny you say that and I don’t know how long you have been flying because we had the opposite experience about 2-3 years ago with MapPilot and Pix4D. Horrible customer support and they could barely answer the majority of the issues with our use case. I think something that DroneDeploy needs to think about is better catering to the non-Enterprise customers and their pricing models. From our 4 years of experience with DroneDeploy they just need to make the app work AGAIN.

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Using them for over a year. They seem to always respond to me. Just trying DD this week. Don’t like the app at all. It is terrible. I need something that has cloud storage…thought I’d try DD since I can create missions from desktop. I wish MP had it.

Yes, their pricing. That’s another story. Their servers are slow and laggy. They are charging a good deal of money for service. I only like the cloud because I can easily share with customers. Besides that, I like processing it on my own computer and it doesn’t cost an arm and leg except for upfront cost.

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