iOS app hangs on iPhone 6

This weekend we gave it another try. The first flight went perfect.
The second flight started of good, but halfway, the iOS app stopped responding. The drone just kept following its waypoints and taking pictures.
Before the third flight, turned the drone and remote control off, we restarted the app, and tried again. Now the flightpath wasn’t loaded, only the startpoint.

Has anyone else seen these or similar issues?

Sorry to hear this @jlshnng - thank you for letting us know. This is one of the issues we’re currently working through on our app, and we appreciate you reporting the problem.

Confirming that I had the same thing happen today.

Started a large mission (25 minute flight time est, knew I was going to need to perform a battery swap).

About 20% into the mission that DroneDeploy app stopped responding / updating:

  • Drone Icon stopped following actual Drone location
  • White vs Blue (Done vs Not done) flight path stopped updating)
  • Real time camera preview stopped updating
  • Fly home button (within DroneDeploy app) would not respond to touch
  • Map would not respond to touch input

The first time this happened I did not notice and the quad continued the flight path and taking photos until the auto return to home kicked in. I was able to force quit the DroneDeploy app and continue the flight with my new battery after relaunching the app.

However, AFAIK, DroneDeploy repeated a section of the flight path because it did not know it was done (flown after the app locked up).

The 2nd time the app froze and I forced quit, when I relaunched the DroneDeploy app it would not let me “Continue” the map mission and just said it was done and only showed “Upload” as the next action.

Small maps work great so far, but really frustrating when trying to scale up. Looking forward to future updates.

Thank you.

Thanks for your feedback and for trying our app- we’re planning to release an updated version of the app next week. Appreciate your patience!

Am facing the same problem. Hope anyone here can help me too. Thanks in advance.

Hi @milessmith, unfortunately, we do not officially support the iPhone 6. Please upgrade to a newer device from our Supported Devices list. Sorry for the inconvenience!