iOS version 4.35

I updated to the new version this morning and had a couple of issues arise. I initially took off with DJI Go because I was in a no-fly zone, 200ft grid which was all well and good until I landed and changed batteries and DroneDeploy would not take off because of the zone even though I still had DJI go open and unlocked. This is never occurred in the past even if I closed DJI Go. Once it was unlocked I was always good to go. Then I got to a battery swap and it did it again so I opened the Go app and was able to takeoff without unlocking in order to get DroneDeploy to commence.

The next thing that happened is that upon the battery swap DroneDeploy reversed the pattern and showed that I had completed the part that I had not completed and tried to make me fly the part that I had completed again. Funny thing about this is that it was not the entire portion that I had already flown, but a portion equal to what I had left which was less than half of the map.

@MichaelL Thanks for sharing this. We’ll keep this top of mind while testing and don’t hesitate to reach out if you see it again.

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I hope to fly today and will make sure to try another multi-battery if I do. Thanks!

Looks like DD is still Alpha/Beta testing their app with their clients. It’s kind of a strange approach for a company that caters to enterprise. In the “old” days. enterprise software customers were only fed extremely hardened and reliable updates. Ah, the new generation of software engineer.
Comments @Jamespipe ?

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Hi @Dave. Happy to help clarify. For regular releases, each app version is internally validated over many hundreds of flights against a strict set of test cases, both manual and automated. If issues are identified, the app version will be held for hardening prior to release.

You may see some language around BETA programs for our newest features. These programs are opt-in only to allow customers to stay on widely releases features if desired.

Importantly, our customer success and support teams are always at the ready to assist if you encounter any problems. If you are part of an Enterprise subscription please reach out for real-time support.

Happy flying.

@Andrew_Fraser , please remind me, what was the last bug-free version number Drone Deploy released? I think it began with a 3.

As @Dave said, whilst one feature is revealed with each release, it’s at the cost of another breaking. If each of your releases have been adequately tested in-house, can I suggest that it’s not enough and you might consider a BETA program and limit your official releases to versions that work? What @MichaelL is describing are pretty fundamental problems. Especially the second one.


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The problem that I have with all of this is that I can almost guarantee you that inhouse testing could never encompass the condition of the field. I have done enough beta testing and implementation to know that you can’t plan for every contingency, but if you took that top 5 drones, iOS devices and Android devices with the previous and current OS software with different states of configuration (WiFi only, Cellular Only and both) in each software you would be well over 600 test flights with only one pilot in each category.

And yet, problems that are not just tiny glitches, like Michael just had, somehow make it through on a fairly regular basis. I suspect you (Drone Deploy) are equating running simulations with actual use in the field. If you are running many hundreds of actual multi-battery missions in the field, that’s great. Who is it that is doing this testing? I think maybe you need new blood.

Salut a tous, je suis en train de tester un phantom 4pro v2 avec drone deploy. Sous Android le vol marche mais avec problem affiché sur la troisième caméra. Sur iOS ipad air 2, ça se deconnect vite donc impossible de voler. Que pourrais je faire ?

Voici l’image du problème sous Android

Hey Pascal, welcome! Please translate your posts to English if you can. What happens in DJI Go. Are you getting any kind of errors. Android and iOS may report things slightly differently because they are in effect different version of the app, but for both things to be related to the camera I wonder if there is anything wrong with the aircraft?