DroneDeploy Problem Log 23 June 2016

Having a really tough week once again with this App.

Monday started off with two flights and that was it, App freezing up and can’t even create a mission.

Tue/Wed, try to get help to resolve issue.

Thursday, same thing, two missions fine, then very problematic with App freezing.

Here are some screenshots of my frustrations -

No matter how long you wait after selecting “Plan”, this is all you get -

Even if you guess the area, and tap the ‘blue plane’, it will give you this …

But inevitably ends up as one of these disasters … totally lost the plot!

Then many hours later, I get a good flight, but all of a sudden, with still 44% battery it pops the camera up and ‘wanders off’ …

For a week’s worth of travel and costs, I have four good 13 minute flights … this is NOT GOOD!

HI @Fishton, sorry to hear that you are experiencing this issue. Can you please send us an email at support@dronedeploy.com and include the version of the App that you are currently using as well as, your droneplay username so that we can look into this for you.

Hi Jerther,

Mike and Neema know me well, we have been dealing with many battles over the past few months.


I seem to have solved the problem -

If you have done any planning on your home PC, then sync to your iPad without logging out and back in, this happens.

Hi @Fishton, thank you for sharing this and I am glad to see that you were able to resolve the issue. This will be very beneficial for others who may come across the same issue. I will be sure to pass this feedback to my team.

I thought it was supposed to sync correctly regardless of whether we log out/in after syncing - wasn’t that in one of the last updates ? So do we now have to log out/in every time after syncing ?