App quit working mid flight, but mission finished

I have made four flights with DD and all worked well. Two days ago, I started the mission and 1/3rd the way through the mission the arrowhead indicating my Phantom stopped progressing with the mission. It acted like the screen just froze, but I looked at the bottom right corner and saw that the Phantom was still taking pictures. So apparently the screen didn’t freeze. My line of sight verified that it was still flying the flight pattern. When it finished the flight pattern and started it’s return to home, I switched to Attitude so I could land it myself and not take any chances.

I started with the DJI app, completely shut down the DJI GO, then started Drone Deploy app, got a go with that, and started. What would cause the app to just freeze the flight pattern but not the screen bottom right camera action? I’m using an iPad Air 2 with everything having the latest updates.

I uploaded the map and everything is normal from that perspective.

Steve - I have had the same problem with flights last week and two flights today. iPad screen went completely blank except for the “photo” window. I have emailed support as I am reluctant to fly when no screen or info on flight times and battery life. Jeremy

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Sorry to hear this, I would definitely contact as it seems like a bug.

Honestly, this happens to me all the time. Typically for me it is a video transmission issue. I always just allow the drone to continue its mission and it is never failed to come home for me. Obviously that is not comforting a reassuring but it is nice to know that it is always come back LOL.

I have found that if you restart the app prior to changing the battery, if it is a multi battery mission, it resolve this issue. Good luck.


Happened to me relentlessly last fall. I broke up the mapping areas into 4 flights (1 battery each) and was able to finish. The drone will continue and come back home. Haven’t had a problem with that, but it always wanted to “continue mission” at the point the app crashed. Which often times was 20-30 photos in, and not acceptable.
We never resolved the issue.

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Thank you for the feedback, I’ll log this and let the team know this is an ongoing issue.