DD closes mid-mission

Was flying a mapping mission and DD just closed on the iPad. I opened it up and went back to that mission, and it tried to start over. It did this once before. Do I need to change any settings on iPad? Drone is Mavic 2 Pro.

Had there recently been an app update?

Unfortunately on the iPad there is no way to “force” quit or clear the cache so maybe trying reloading?

I had the same experience. I logged out of DD and closed the app on the iPad task manager. I then turned off everything (UAV, RC, iPad). Started by turning on the iPad, logged into DroneDeploy and then turned on the RC and UAV and it fixed the item for me.

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I always check for updates before I leave office, don’t remember if it had updated or not - Since it happened mid project in flight, I couldn’t just turn everything off.

I have had this happen to me twice in the last 2 weeks. I am flying Mavic 2. I had checked for updates before every flight, started with DJI to update software there and calibrate compass, shut DJI fly down opened DD and started flight, about halfway through the first pass DD shut down, when I restarted it would not connect with the drone, I opened DJI and the mapping passes waypoints were shown on the dji screen so continued the flight until battery swap. After battery swap DD was active again so shut down dji and continued the job with DD. Flew a few more hours on 2 subsequent days with no issues then had the same thing happen yesterday except DD didn’t shut down, lost contact then said it had contact but no position updating of live map, continued the flight after starting dji to monitor, after battery swap DD regained connection so went back to normal operation. Any ideas would be entertained.

Let’s get into some more detail…

  1. When this happens are you losing video?

  2. At what distance does this happen? Or is it inconsistent?

  3. To me it possibly sounds like a satellite issue. Did you check the satellite skyplot?

  4. Have you flown the same site multiple time and had any consistent problems?

  5. Tried to re-plan the mission?

Thanks for the reply.

For 1, I lose video through drone deploy. Sometimes I don’t have video, and sometimes do

  1. The 2 times it happened once was about 1,000 feet and the other 1,500 feet.

  2. I’ll start checking the satellites more.

  3. I lost contact at two different sites that I’ve flown the the same plan without issues. It was interesting that when I brought up DJI the path was there and the video worked leading me to think the problem was more with DD than external communication. I am using a new iPad with cellular with moderately good signal. Everything clear line of sight

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