IOS App Shutting Down

I have version 2.0.53 running on a IPad mini version 10.0.2 About a week ago I flew my first flight aand while flying the DD app closed on me. I thought maybe I touched something and didn’t think nothing of it. Today I flew my second maping mission and it did the same thing, about 1/2 to 3/4 through the mission it shut off. I had to restart the DD app.

Any ideas why this is doing it?

Is it hot out? iPads can get pretty hot and overheat, shutting things down.
Make sure no other apps are open.
You also may want to periodically recycle power on the iPad to clear out possible conflicts.

It was warmer out but I made sure I was in shade. Any other app runs fine. No other apps were open. And have cycled power many times.

This last weekend I ran a mapping again which was a longer one (2 batteries) and it seems like the app shuts down around 10 or so minutes of use. Once restarted it ran again for about the same amount of time and shutdown again.

Its very frustrating.

I turned off google map and kept my ipad mini 2 right next to the air-con blower in my car. And I managed to flew 4 batteries without crashing. still keeping my fingers crossed…

sometimes you need to uninstall then restart ipad and reinstall DD to make it work better. I did that for the reason of DD kept prompting me to login after crashing.