Mavic Pro with iPad Mini2 app crash but mission continued

I used DD for the 1st time in about 6 months today and because the iPad Mini has a larger screen than my iPhone 7+ decided to use my iPad Mini 2 (retina). I needed to fly quite a large area today needing over 700 images and all three of my Mavic’s batteries. I had quite a few issues and I’m wondering if these are because of the Mavic or the iPad or buggy software (DD).

1st off if updated everything on the 2nd August (yesterday) which included a big Mavic Firmware update as well as a new version of DD. I also enabled Google Maps on DD.

I had no issues with creating the map and doing final edits on site before flying on the iPad. DD did all the necessary calibration, gimbal checks etc. and then gave me the green light to take off. All good and my Mavic headed to the 1st way-point 800m away. The mission started but after only about 30 seconds DD crashed on my iPad. I restarted the app and it seemed to log in but with a blank screen - PANIC. I then looked at my Mavic controller to see that the Mavic was still cruising at a height of 73m as programmed and was clearly still flying the mission as it had a forward speed.

I then started the DJI Go4 app and everything was good. In addition to this I could now see the way-points and the flight path in DJI Go! This was a welcome sight and I decided not to try and restart DD and to just fly the mission with DJI Go. When my battery hit 30% I stopped the mission and the flight path and way points disappeared and I was back to using the Go app as-is. I landed, changed battery and restarted DD as the Go app didn’t have any idea of where to from here (pity) - the mission had cleared. Because the app had crashed DD also had no idea of what had been flown so I had to manually tell it what waypoint to fly from.

2nd battery and the same result – DD crashed and needed the DJI Go app to complete the mission. Again no idea what caused the crash or how to avoid it in future.

3rd battery and the app didn’t crash but at a point I saw a helicopter potentially coming into my airspace so hit the return to home button in DD and… nothing happened. Helicopter passed and the drone finished the mission without incident. However problems were not done. Below pls see a list of bugs that I found.

I had to shoot over 700 images and while the 1st battery had perfect images, battery 2 and 3 had every single shot out of focus. This means 2/3 of images (of of our 700) are out of focus - surely DD should do an “autofocus” before starting to take shots on the Mavic especially? If this is not possible, how do we manually achieve this? Otherwise how do we focus?
Login requires a password but does not remember either username or password? This is a real pain.
Is there a way to tell DD you want to fly at say 70m but that your take off altitude is already at 30m? Today I was flying on top of a building for visual verification so I was already 30m off the ground but because DD wanted 30m the actual height was 100m – not.
All in all a mixed reaction to what I used – some nice. Some really not nice at all.

Hi @MarnixdL,

The Mavic does have a known issue with out-of-focus image capture. We think we may have a solution for it that we’re planning to release in the next coming weeks. Please keep an eye out for updates in the meantime!

In regards to app crashes, can you confirm that your device has enough memory on it? Did your iPad Mini heat up at all? There have been reports of app crashes with overheating iPads. I’d be curious to know if that was the case for you.

Finally, we have not been able to successfully reproduce the log-in issue that some of our users are experiencing. We will continue to investigate and see what can be done to prevent it from happening. Sorry for the difficulties in the meantime!