DD 2.0.38 crashes on IPAD Mini 4 (ios 10.2.1)

Hi, I’m wondering if I’m the only one experiencing the DD crashing while moving, dragging, zooming in and out the map.
I’m afraid to take off and then, the App crash, and cause a fly away.

I’m using a Ipad Mini 4 32gb 4g - with Phantom 4.

Anyone Else?

Do the developers know about this issue?

This is an issue we have been working on for a long time. We’re finally getting close to having a solution where this won’t happen.

And is it safe to fly? Or, need to wait for the solution?

If the app closes you still have control over your drone. You can always switch it out of auto mode or click the return to home button.

Hey Chase, it still crashes. Running 2.0.39 on 10.3 IOS


regarding this subject, can anyone tell me if this had a solution, because I´m also battling with the app that is always crashing.

Thank you