App Crash Mid Flight with Newest Version of DD

I took my Phantom 3 Pro out for a few flights today and had the app crash multiple times mid flight. I was running the newest version of the app on my iPhone 5s. After takeoff the app started having some issues. A few minutes after the flight had started the items on the toolbar (battery life, flight time, etc.) and the drone location stopped updating. After tapping the screen a few times and changing the screen orientation from landscape to portrait, the app stopped working and then quit.

The aircraft continued to fly it’s route, but when I restarted the app it was not giving me the tool bar or any info on the aircraft. I waited for the aircraft to complete its mission and land but was disappointed to discover that none of the photos were stored after the app crash.

Also, I was having issues connecting to the aircraft with my 2013 Nexus 7 Tablet.

I hope you guys can sort out these bugs. I really like the new interface and features you have included with the latest update. Keep up the great work! Thanks!

iOS will often close a program if it becomes unresponsive for any reason. That isn’t supposed to happen, but it does sound like why it closed the app. We don’t have a way to reconnect if you close the app and then come back to the mission at the moment. Hopefully that will come soon.

Did it crash at a similar part of the mission each time?

Yes. It would typically freeze up a minute or two after takeoff.

I was able to flip the RC to P mode mid-flight after one of the app crashes. While the drone was still in the air I was able to restart the mission using the last waypoint I knew it reached and it was able to complete the mission. It stopped updating the tool bar and aircraft location towards the end of the flight but if I didn’t touch the screen or change the screen orientation it was able to record all the photos.

Do you notice that the app and the drone icon movement becomes sluggish right before it freezes? I’m wondering if maybe something we’re doing is intensive and causes an iphone 5s to be slow then freeze up.

That might be it. I have had issues using the DJI Go app with my iPhone 5s and have read on other forums that it might be a CPU or overheating issue with the phone.

Every time I use my phone for flying I charge it completely and by the time I am finished (7 phantom batteries later) my phone has <15% battery remaining.

It could be due to the older phone, but I’m just wondering if there is a performance improvement during flight that we could be making. It’s definitely something we could look into.

I had a very similar situation today - the drone icon was sluggish and not able to keep up with it’s actual location on the aerial background. Shortly thereafter, the indicators on the left side of the screen froze. I am using the newest iOS and latest version of DD and latest firmware on a Phantom 3 Pro - on an iPad Mini3.

Will run some performance tests to see if there is something that could be slowing it down during flight.

I have had similar experience using P3P and iPad mini3 with iOS 9.3.1 the aircraft location starts lagging on the screen and eventually the battery and flight location are not updating, although I can see in the image window that the craft is still moving and taking photos. This began 10 min into an 18 min flight

I have had the same thing happen to me, about 2-3 minutes after take-off the screen would slow and then quit following all together. After that happened we broke for lunch and now the upload screen comes up after take-off and freezes the app entirely

This has happened with 2 different IPADS and 1 IPHONE.
Running a phantom 3

We’ve found the issue causing this. A fix is going out, will be in store within 12 hours or so due to the app store.

Just curious, what was the problem?

I had this same problem. The fix for me was to go into my settings and click General>Auto Lock>Never. My phone was clicking off and thus would lose connection to the drone. Give it a shot it might work for you!

My DD app crashed twice today mid flight for no apparent reason. My iPhone 5S was very responsive and no apps were running in the background when it happened. Both crashes happened within 10 min. after the first picture was taken. I opened the app again after both crashes and continued with the mission. I still have to check if any images were skipped when the app crashed.

Hi @hermanus,

Were you running the latest version of iOS (V.2.0.55) when you flew today? The app crashes were a known issue in previous iterations of the app but has since improved. If it’s happening to you on the latest app update, we can dig deeper to see if it’s a regression. Sorry for the difficulties!


Hi Stephanie,

I am running the latest version and I’m still constantly getting app crashes. Today I also got the “deviating from route” message a couple of times.

Please assist ASAP.


Hi, are you on android or iOS? At which point of app use do you get crashes?

iOS. It’s normally a couple of minutes into the flight when it crashes.

Hi @hermanus,

Can you also verify what iOS version you’re running on your iPhone 5S? Have you also tried testing out a different mobile device?

Keep me posted,