App crashes after continuing mission with new battery

Hi there,

Today I went out for a second testing of the iOS Beta app. Weather was pretty good (low wind, Sunny day with low sun). Planned the mission at home uploaded it when I was in the field.

It started pretty well but when the inspire hat flown about 25 procent of the mission I got an error which stated that the download rate was too low and that it would abort the mission and RTH and I needed to restart the app. According to the app the aircraft did return home but in reality it did not! So I landed the aircraft manually. I restarted the app after landing and wanted to continue the mission (I still had 50-60% battery left) but after the flight checks it did not take-off. After restarting the aircraft, it did take-off but the app crashed. It did continue to its last waypoint but the gimbal did not point downwards (I did have the second remote on with dji go app as backup).

I returned the aircraft back home, changed battery and restarted everything. After selecting the continue mission button, the aircraft took off but the app crashed again. After pointing the gimbal downwards manually, it did seem like the camera took pictures so I decided to continue the mission. After battery drained I landed went home and took a look at the pictures and saw that the second half of the mission I did not have any photos. (maybe thats because the app crashed).

I also noticed that wen I pointed the gimbal downwards manually, it seemed like the app took over the gimbal. I also saw when processing the data that there was a flightlog available this time. So maybe this might help this time.

Sorry for the long story but I try to describe as much details as possible hoping that it might help you.

Greetings, Lammert

I almost forgot! I used the updated version of the beta.

I had the same thing happen to me today. Tried continuing the mission 3 times and the app crashed each time after the Drone got about 10 feet off the ground. It did sync the mission and I was able to continue on my Android tablet.