Another upsetting experience with Android DD

Seems I’ve been having a lot of these lately, maybe someone can learn something from them.
I went up to the hilly side where a prehistoric stronghold stands from 1st BC. I did not have time to make a mission on the desktop PC, so I had nothing to synchronize with. In the area, SURPRISE!, I did not have GSM coverage, so I had to design the flight area by intuition, since the canvas it was all blank and without any sort of scale, just based on my current position and on the North being assumed up. It did not pass the camera test unless I did the Litchi routine I presented in my previous posts, but nothing unusual there. Because the area was covered by thick decidous forest I had to set an altitude of 200 m. The app did all the tests but the mission did not start… I had to kill it, start again the RC, choose DJI Go and there the max altitude was set to 200 m. It would have been nice for DD to report the cause and I really do hope the next Android app will have a friendlier to the user approach. I changed it to 300 m, killed DJI Go, closed the RC, started again,choose DD app, up it went to 200 m and went on doing its job only to see the DD crash on my S2 tablet while the S3P was going places high in the sky… I literally had tears in my eyes. Luckily the drone returned after it zigzagged in the sky and I retrieved it ok. The big surprise awaited me at home, after having a look at the microSD. It collected zero images… Zilch. Nada. On the microSD card were only the bits of film from the Litchi and the test photos taken during the failed two attempts to get it airborne and from the one successful takeoff. 300 km for nothing… :anguished:

Sorry to hear about this. Do you have an iOS device to test with while we improve the android version?

Unfortunately I do not. When I engaged in the drone adventure I carefully looked up what was on the market and at that time Litchi was on Android, with some other softwares as well. No one was looking at iOS seriously, so I made a decision to get an Android S2 from Samsung based on screen resolution and processing power. The Apple equivalent would have been an iPad Air 2, about the same price, but no one offered anything I needed for it. The thing is that I was not even an Android or a samsung fan … Quite the contrary… Now I am stuck with this tablet and I do not have resources to get the Apple counterpart. I may not be the only one in this predicament. I am not sure I understand what went wrong today, how is the data flow you envisaged for your Android DD app. Does it rely on having the mission preplanned and synced? If it does, I explained the problems encountered there - app crash included. Does the app rely on having a datalink available at all times? To talk to the servers? Because that would not happen on many places on Earth when you go far enough of a city… Why did it crash while the drone was in midair with line of sight? I honestly thought that was that, the drone was lost… Fortunately it went about its work and returned home. But I had it stop in midair and not return without an app crash on another occasion … Why did it not take any pictures except for the test flights at ground level? Anyway, I am not taking it out until you get the new Android app talking to the latest DJI SDK to solve at least the takeoff errors and get more comprehensive error listings like DJI Go does. And please explain what would be the ideal scenario the DD app was crafted for so I can try to fit our needs within that framework as it evolves. With best wishes.


We do have a lot of users flying with the Android app successfully at the moment. I think we can get yours working as well.

The reason I suspect it didn’t take any pictures is because it needs to have the app open in order to start the triggering when it hits the first waypoint.

You do not need to have an internet connection for the app to work properly. You might not have base tiles in order to plan, but if you would like base tiles you can use the desktop version of DroneDeploy to preplan your flights which will ensure that base layer tiles are available.

We are improving the errors provided in the app. The iOS app currently provides some better errors when a user tries to takeoff, etc. This will hopefully be in the Android app soon.

As for the app crash, I took a look at our logs to see if I could determine what happened. It appears to be something related to setting up the initial camera settings. We haven’t seen this particular error before so I’m not sure what happened. That would explain why it crashed at the start of the mission though.

I understand your frustration and if you would like to wait for the new Android app we’ll be making announcements when that is coming out. It will be a few months most likely.

Thanks for the feedback,


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The application crashed when the drone was en route to the first waypoint, so you are right about the reason why there were no photos. I should have preplanned it better, but I never imagined the area did not have GSM cover, lesson learned. I look forward to testing it when you get closer to a release candidate for Android.
With best wishes,

Hi guys,
I’ve had the same problem today.
I’ve made a map on my pc,
synched it to my tablet, then started the mission,
it was flying good but suddenly I could see,
that the inspire was not showing flying on the map,
but like jumping, and after the 7 minutes DD crashed,
I’ve turned the RC to P mode, and thought that the drone is missed.
But hopefully I’ve found it in the field flying.
Never thought that DD can be crashed during the flying.
Any ideas?

We’re working on improving this. We get a report every time this happens to a user so we are working with DJI to prevent this if possible.

WOW! I’m sad to heard those news.

I am really scary to take off again using the Android version. And just like C0ndu, I won’t be purchasing a IOS device just for DD.

Any previsions about the new Android App version?

I really need the Android app updated! I now have a P4 and the battery life is fantastic and well suited for our work. I have tried DD with a borrowed iOS device, and it works, but I won’t be switching to an inferior device simply for DD. Any information on the release date for the updated android version would be helpful. Thanks.

1-2 weeks we are hoping

Trying to fly DD 02.07.16 and 03.07.2016
ver 1.6.0
remote 1.5.8

DD ver 1.4.7 android

flying crashed DD 02.07 all the time,
without to see anything on monitor.
Maid a big map. 2 batteries.

03.07 first couldn’t connect to Inspire for 1 hour.
found wi fi and resrarted again.
coming back to the place of flying.
Flyin again mission with the crashed DD.

Couldn’t remember I was flying normal DD.

The most up to date android version is 2.0.6 and we should have a new version out next week fixing a lot of issues.