Android App v4.43

All negative reviews in play store. No aircraft information when flying android. Get on it. I’d like to see if I have satellites and rc bars.


I had aircraft information appear on android for 1st part of a mission today, however after battery swap, the aircraft indicator disappeared. There was a faint dotted line from home to where the aircraft was, however difficult to see. Also logs seem to have gone mission.

Yes if you look closely, even though the aircraft has disappeared, you can just barely see the dotted line of the flight plan taking over the solid line, but this doesn’t help with a manual flight back or taking over as you cannot see aircraft direction.
Or satellite count, or RC connection bars, or you know, the important safety information we need to conduct a flight professionally. Be sure to tell dronedeploy, I’ve been telling them for over a month but I am just being yes’d about it. No changes yet. Because flight logs don’t record when the app has an issue, so they can’t verify the problem, meaning there wasn’t a problem. But maybe if enough pilots speak up, they’ll stop saying I can’t see the problem, and start asking, how can we solve the problem.
Do What You Can’t!

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Concur, after the April 16th updates, no flight logs, missing status indicators, would prefer the pre 4/16 version without new features vs. new version with its bugs. Come on DD, lets get the app fixed.

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Ran into this again today. Since the April 16th update, to get logs requires using DJI Assistant to pull items direct from the aircraft which is a PITA. Not having the aircraft status ICON appear on the map after you do a battery swap is also a pain, takes more time away from watching aircraft. Perhaps DD should have some of its sw engineers/developers/interface folks go out in the field (or parking lot) and fly a mission before releasing the sw.

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This is obviously an old thread and has nothing to do with Android or current versions. Are you both running Android? We need to start a new thread so whatever the commonality is and I will move all these posts over.

Yes Im running android, its up to date, and since the 4/16 DD update, the problems have appeared. No logs being generated, have to use DJI assistant to pull them from aircraft while they are still there. Aircraft location symbol disappearing after battery swap, resume flight on multi-battery mission.

So these are current issues, as to start a new thread and move these there, or continue, thats up to you. However they are current issues.

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