DD flight planing

I have one more day before I purchase DD. What I have been trying to figure out is how to load a flight. What I am trying to do is load a flight with pictures that I do manually and than have that same flight over and over.
I fly feed elevators for companies for their safety records and maintenance records while we repair stuff on their feed legs. I can’t plan the flights because I have to fly into certain areas and than back out and than change altitude and go to the next spot to photograph. The customers who request these photos want certain photos from certian nights so they can watch the feed collection on the roofs every week. I have several of these elevators that I have to fly so I am I hoping that I can get DD to help me out with getting these flights to load.

Can DD do this kind of flight planning?

I will try to upload a photo of a roof top so you can see what a roof top looks like.

image image

You could use either structure mode or the progress photo flight plan. I would suggest structure mode because you will get a map/model as well. It will take many more pictures around the perimeter as well. Problem is that DD does not have a solution to vary the altitudes. Progress photo will allow you to choose 16 locations, but they are all pointed at the same central location of the entire plan. You could make a plan/deck? Otherwise look into Litchi.

Litchi scares the heck out of me. I have heard of a lot of people losing drones from Litchi. I have played around with it, but not very much just for the bad rep it has with fly offs.

Interesting. Can you message me any links or info on these cases? I use Litchi allot and would like to know what to watch out for.

I don’t think DD is the best tool for your mission @Beckman77.

Been using LItchi for 5 years now (I think) and never had a problem. Get the app, go work with it in an open space until you get comfortable and can predict it’s actions. At that point, you can monitor it’s autonomous flight and interrupt it if anything seems wrong.

I would think for your elevator missions, Litchi would be ideal as it will allow you to manually fly to each spot and record it as a waypoint and then next time, it will fly to that spot on it’s own.

Be careful in your planning, monitor your flights closely and take back control if anything is not happening as you expect and you should be fine.

The Drone Harmony app may also be a candidate but I have not used it myself. It has some interesting tools that may be good for what you want to accomplish.

Operator error is a huge factor with Litchi because it does exactly what you tell it to do. You must be able to think in 3D space and be aware of the exact flight path from point to point.

Agree completely. Probably the majority of issues arise because the operator is expecting something else and then just watches without taking action when “that something else” isn’t happening.

Autonomous control is awesome. But the operator must know what is happening, what is expected to happen and act if there is any deviation.

I downloaded the Litchi app and have been flying with it here the last few days. Its been working pretty good so far. I like it. Pretty easy to understand once I got my mind wrapped around how they wanted the missions planned.

Thanks for the input.

Great, let us know if you have any questions! Don’t forget to try the desktop browser as well. I like to plan the mass there and fine tune on them app. For some reason they decided to allow batch editing of points there and not on the desktop.

…"Great, let us know if you have any questions! "_