Pro plan - fair use limits

I got shut down on my uploads due to “fair use”. How can I manage my way around that policy when it is so arbitrary? In forestry I go through peeks and valleys with my utilization of DroneDeploy, if there where a way to measure fair use, perhaps I could manage my mapping through out the year in order to comply with the policy. Getting shut down out of left field without warning is problematic, when will I be able to upload again?

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Hi there!

Thank you for posting to our forum regarding the fair use policy. If this is a blocker for you, please send in a ticket to We will be happy to review the case and help with next steps.

Thank you!
DroneDeploy Support

Me too, been using dronedeploy for almost 4 years and see a lot of changes and improvements but i was shocked yesterday when i try to upload. been doing this for years with the 2 accounts i handle as an operator and i also recommended DD to this clients. Hoping for the solution for this soon.

Hi Lindsey, I was expecting to be able to upload some images today?

I was expecting to be able to process some images today, the account is still locked, I’m thinking DD is experiences a lot a growth, as there is little continuity with the folks I’ve interacted with. Looking at some new solutions, maps made easy is one of many.

@ksorrells Hi Keith!
I have visited your account and it seems you’re uploading a map as we speak. Glad to see your account is unblocked.
If you continue to have issues, you can reach us at

Thank you!

i also informed that they lifted my upload ban temporarily but still i cannot. (my account is ebeedronemapping) me too looking for alternatives.