Pro plan - fair use limits

I got shut down on my uploads due to “fair use”. How can I manage my way around that policy when it is so arbitrary? In forestry I go through peeks and valleys with my utilization of DroneDeploy, if there where a way to measure fair use, perhaps I could manage my mapping through out the year in order to comply with the policy. Getting shut down out of left field without warning is problematic, when will I be able to upload again?

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Hi there!

Thank you for posting to our forum regarding the fair use policy. If this is a blocker for you, please send in a ticket to We will be happy to review the case and help with next steps.

Thank you!
DroneDeploy Support

Me too, been using dronedeploy for almost 4 years and see a lot of changes and improvements but i was shocked yesterday when i try to upload. been doing this for years with the 2 accounts i handle as an operator and i also recommended DD to this clients. Hoping for the solution for this soon.

Hi Lindsey, I was expecting to be able to upload some images today?

I was expecting to be able to process some images today, the account is still locked, I’m thinking DD is experiences a lot a growth, as there is little continuity with the folks I’ve interacted with. Looking at some new solutions, maps made easy is one of many.

@ksorrells Hi Keith!
I have visited your account and it seems you’re uploading a map as we speak. Glad to see your account is unblocked.
If you continue to have issues, you can reach us at

Thank you!

i also informed that they lifted my upload ban temporarily but still i cannot. (my account is ebeedronemapping) me too looking for alternatives.

Hi, i also had the same report. I am unable to upload data due to fair use policy. kindly assist me with the steps to follow

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Hello @Joshua_C-Ansah!

We’re sorry to hear you’re facing this limitation. Please send us an email to so we can help out.


Hi Lindsay.

Can you explain what criteria DD are setting that causes the block?

Thanks, James.

Hi there,

The fair use check is an automated alert based on higher than normal usage we see across our user base, primarily around the frequency of upload and volume of processed data. When you reach out to us we’ll work with you to understand your specific usage and unblock you as fast as possible!

Glad to see I am not the only one with this issue here.
Really frustrating when you have no warning of approaching this mysterious limit. Now I can not upload a customers project. Here is a suggestion, tell the community how much data/maps we can upload to allow us to manage our accounts. Based on the number of replies here, it would appear the limit is too low. The pricing sheet tells you how many images each map can have, but now we find out it is also how many maps and data you use. I did submit a request and received a ticket to resolve this. Now I can tell my customer, that I am at the mercy of DroneDeploy to reply.


Hi, i’ve been blocked for fair use also…
I need maps pretty quick and i can’t… quite frustrating…
Please help me !

Looking in “fair use policy” i found this :

“When we detect out of the ordinary levels of usage in your DroneDeploy account, we’ll contact you to discuss the situation and potential alternatives. If usage does not come into compliance with our policy, we reserve the right to limit your account or terminate your license and access to the system.”

Noboby ever contacted me before limit my account… This is against DD’s own policy…

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Hi all,

Please forward all Fair Use Inquiries to the support team so we can help you out.
We do provide an orange warning box on your uploading screen if your account begins to approach the limit. If you feel you did not receive a proper warning, please provide that feedback in the ticket so we can not only investigate, but also improve the experience, as well as unblock you as quickly as possible.

Thank you!
DroneDeploy Support