Please help, have flown a map but didn't understand drone deploy

I really need help asap. Flew an area yesterday and everything went great, pictures are awesome but having a horrible issue. We flew the drone deploy mission from my partners ipad pro , we used a Phantom 4 setup. Downloaded pictures from the SD card with the photo files (jpeg) … we obviously didn’t have a proper account setup but was unaware. Now I don’t know how to get flight plan log and upload it with my photos. . Please help. Photos are on a windows 10 computer and flight plan is on this ipad pro. Please help

I’m praying you’ll can help.

Take the images from the SD card and upload them look at this page

It’s also worth your while compressing the pictures further with software like JPEGMini which is free. It’ll halve (or more) your upload time and local storage needs.

Hi Jeff, did Gary and Dave’s suggestions work?

People PLEASE watch you tube videos and read the whole support pages before you start to map. Im sorry but this is why part 107 came about.

How does this have anything to do with Part 107? A 107 does not make you a surveyor? Nor does it make you more qualified at actually flying RPA. (yes I have passed the 107)

Copy the images from/the card to a safe place. Then upload to drone deploy DIRECTLY from the memory card. In some cases the meta data is removed when transferred to the desktop before upload. Good luck, back it up.

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Gary maybe you should write an article about it since you know it all but apparently you don’t. I am more qualified because I have been flying grid mapped missions since 2010 and have logged more hours than most. Everyone just wants instant gratification on everything and they don’t want to put the work in nowdays sorry but it doesn’t work that way.