Only half the area

I flew my first mission this morning. It was a hole on a golf course measuring approximately 180 yards. I planned this mission offline and it was saved but when I flew the mission it only covered half the area I had drawn. The half that it did cover flew faultlessly. As I’m new to the programme I’m guessing I missed something ?
Any suggestions please

Hi Bill,

Sorry to hear this. Quick question: did you format the SD card first?

Yes I did KARA and I took 3 photos before I started as I read somewhere that this site the best way for Android . I’ve used the card several time before and formated it a while back.When the project was finished it said it had taken 79 photos. After I prefer planned it I moved the start position.

Can you please email us the link to your map and username to We can try to investigate the issue.

User name is collwila and it’s untitled map (complete). Hope this is enough info.