Mavic 3 Enterprise Flight

I created a flight plan. I connected to the drone in the RC Pro controller through the Drone Deploy App and carried out the flight. At the end of the flight DroneDeploy asked if I wanted to download the photos now. I elected not to because I had another flight to do. I got back to the office and put the SD card in a reader. I got an error that the SD card was not readable and to swap it out. I lost all mission data, over 700 pictures. Any thoughts?


Sorry to hear you lost all your data! Perhaps it’s a formatting issue. If so, you can format it on your computer depending on the recommendations from the RC manufacturer. I don’t think there’s any possibility of recovering your photos, though.

Thanks for the input. I put a different SD card in and never had an issue again. The sad part was the card that was in there was the one that I bought from DJI with the aircraft, and had only used it once before. Lesson learned was that you just never know when those things can go bad.