Got banned from uploading by "Fair Use Policy"

Hello there,

since 3 years I am a customer at DroneDeploy (current plan: Agriculture). Three days ago I got banned from uploading new imagery. The system denies new uploads and I was forced to contact DD support due to not complying with the “Fair Use Policy”.
I emailed DD support and they asked me to “share my use case” and more information.
I wrote them in detail my mapping usage amount etc. and that I actually think that my data and access level is just on a beginners level. For a “professional agricultural plan” usage I would estimate at least 10 times the amount of fields and data. This makes the impression on me that DD’s Ag-plan may be just good for private gardeners. Since complaining I didn’t get any answers from DD support.

Did anyone else get this “Fair Use Policy” limitation in the past or last few days?

Just curious, what kind of uploads are we talking about?

Hello Michael,

just 8 JPG-Series of between 90 and 130 images. In the last 3 weeks in all 519 RGB-images (5472x3648 px) of approx. 7 MB each. And 279 NRG-images (1280x1024 px) of approx. about 1 MB each.
So really nothing special or excessive amounts. These eight image series were taken on two consecutive days (2020-09-18 and 2020-09-19) over a corn testing area of 6 ha (14.8 acres) belonging to the local chamber of agriculture.
Three days go, when I tried to upload similar Ag-Series into already existing long-term-projects, the “Fair Use Policy” stopped me from further using my “DD Agriculture” plan.
And still no further reply from DD support.

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Ugh, that is surprising. @Andrew_Fraser, any advice? I don’t see any specs for the Ag package…

Hello Michael,

DD support meanwhile placed my DroneDeploy account “on a temporary exemption”. This way I should be able again to upload and process new imagery. This temporary exemption will expire on Wednesday, October 21, 2020.
Until than a DD account executive will contact me “regarding the reasoning behind the Fair Use error message received as well as options to reinstate my DroneDeploy account to get me back up and running permanently.”
I will report here as soon as there any news about reasons and solutions.
Thank you again for chiming in!