Possible to do multiple orbits at the end?

I’m doing some Structure Models and the end result is “lacking” in a couple of key areas. I’d like to get more DATA to help fill in the gaps etc.

After the CrossHatch and the Standard Orbit, is there a way to create additional orbits in the flight plan? I’d like to do the initial flight at 200’ AGL and then do 2 more orbits at the end at 150’ AGL and 100’ AGL to improve on the DATA collected from Eaves & Over Hangs etc. I don’t want to create the whole plan as I don’t want the CrossHatch etc data collected each time just to get the desired orbit.

For the record, I’m using DJI aircraft (Mavic 2 Pros) and iOS devices if that makes a difference.

Thanks in advance for the help.


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