Plan with two or more directions,

Hi there!

I notice when we want to make an excellent orthophoto we generally need to do the same area with another direction, for example:

Plan one:

Plan two:
| |-------|
| | |
| | |
|-------| |

Both on the same area, so we got photos on different angles…

My suggest is to add this advanced option (make plan with two or more direction on the same area).

Thanks for your free plan tool/app!

Are you concerned with absolute terrain accuracy or more with a clean 3D model and ortho with sharp edges? If absolute ground elevation isn’t necessary, which it probably isn’t if you aren’t running GCP’s, then run the Auto Flight Modes app crosshatch. You can adjust the gimbal tilt to your liking.


If you are doing project less than 30 acres that are somewhat of a regular shape you can also try structures mode. The recommended use is focused on a structure, but I have had good luck running it on the perimeter of the site.

Wilco Annex

Creme de la Creme

Oh, very nice add on! A doubt about the gimbal angle, to make a crosshatch default is 65º. It’s good or need to adjust for something?

Thanks for your help,

65° is a good figure to start with. When running an oblique mission you need to overfly the boundaries if possible to ensure coverage on the perimeter. It will get it pretty good from the legs that run down that line, but it’s better when you have multiple viewpoints.