3-D mapping and altitude

I would like to know after you have completed a flight if you want to take a second set of pictures at a 45° angle or other angles do you need to be at the same altitude as the original flight or can you get a little lower so you can get a better angle?

I found an altitude of 100 feet to be very good for nadir images… after that, I use the DJI Go app and POI option to manually take shots at 2 lower altitudes. One orbit at 60 feet (3 m/s, one shot approximately every 2 seconds is enough) and if possible, another one even lower, like 30 feet (if there are no low obstacles like trees around of course). For both orbits, just adjust the camera angle so that the object’s vertical parts are nicely in the frame, without including sky. Good luck!

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Obliques of a small building is easy. But trying to circle 30 acres or more and not show sky is next to impossible.

So the software is able to tell at what angle the camera is pointing and merge those shots with the verticallly oriented ones successfully?

That’s what I think, yes…