Crosshatch in Auto Flight Mode

Has anyone used the Crosshatch in Auto Flight Mode from the App store? I have a job to do tomorrow and was thinking of using this feature but wanted to know if it works and how it works when having multiple battery swaps!

I use it quite a bit because you can set the gimbal pitch. I get better facades with 45-50 degrees and 70/70 overlaps. I think the 60 degree of the Enhanced 3D Crosshatch requires too much overlap, a higher altitude which means the best views of the faces of structures are too far up on the photos and also that they are further away. By the time you get the face in the center of the picture the angle is too oblique.

Multi-battery has worked fine, but I haven’t run one since the precision point return came back.

Thanks! The reason I ask is I am flying a commercial building tomorrow and this is what they’re asking for:

Low Grid:
• Crosshatch pattern - outline the entire location on your dashboard.
• Flight Altitude: 20ft above the roof.
• Overlap will be based on the provided chart for this capture. Both front and side overlap will be the same. Click Here for the chart:
• Camera Angle: 45° degrees - camera facing in direction of travel (i.e. each pass faces the opposite direction).
• Turn Off/set to NO “Look at grid’s center” on Pix4D

According to their chart I will be flying at an altitude of 90 ft with 82% front and side overlap. This will require at least 8 batteries! If the Auto Flight Crosshatch will allow me to set the camera angle to 45 degrees and pick uo where it left off after each battery swap then that would be great!

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Quick question. Is there a way to set the camera at a 45 degree angle without having to do a crosshatch pattern? Can I do a lawnmower pattern with the camera at 45 degrees?

No, but I just kill the mission after the first half.