Point cloud animation

Hi, DroneDeploy

My customer would like to see a hyperlapse of a construction site for 1 year of flights. And I wonder how to create a point cloud or 3D model animation in DroneDeploy?

Bets regards, Nikolay

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Depends on how often you are flying, but in my experience unless it is very frequent a textured model time/hyperlapse is pretty uneventful. You/They’d be better served with a programmed video flight that can be adjusted through time.

That said, you could use something like LICEcap to create gifs and stitch them together.

I have seen a discussion on several drone forums so to clarify… Timelapse is a stationary camera and Hyperlapse is a moving camera.

This is a good example of how you could create a hyperlapse with point cloud or model. First you should done the animation from Pix4D and export animation video, then use program like Fnal Cut Pro to assemble hyperlapse

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