Flythrough animation - when will DroneDeploy offer this?

Really like DroneDeploy and I’ve been evaluating it against Pix4D. The latter is about as user-hostile as software can be but it does have some killer features - and the flythrough/animation function is really useful when dealing with clients.
If the functionality exists, I can’t find it on DD. Or has anyone here succeeded in creating flythroughs using third-party software? Blender and Meshlabs don’t seem to work for me so all help gratefully accepted!

Hi @TonyRoddam,

Thanks for swinging by the DroneDeploy Forum. We currently don’t have a similar feature in our app, but there is a free app called GIF Maker available in our App Market where you can create shareable GIFs of your 3D models on DroneDeploy.



I have done flythroughs on DroneDeploy results by importing the .obj file into Rhino 6. McNeel’s Rhino 6 program has a free 90-day trial version that would let you play around with flythroughs. I have been using Rhino for a couple of years and could not get by without it. After the trial period ends you can still use it as a viewer for constructing and viewing flythroughs. But you will not be able to save them unless you get a license.