can a screen recording feature with a pre-planned motion of the 3d space be implemented? I would love to show off the capabilities with a video i can direct.

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Who knows the details for what you have in mind. You might check out Virtual Litchi Mission.

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So i want to have a completed 3d map and be able to present to an audience as if an animated movie. Lets say I map a car, i would like to orbit the car, zoom in & out and the maybe an over the top view. I would like to just be able to play this for them.

Ah, okay. You’re describing a 3D video animation or “fly-through” of the 3d model. You can play with the concept for free using Pix4d Discovery (basically the trial version of Pix4d mapper.) There are a fair amount of solutions out there.

As far a DD is concerned, you may want to add your support for this feature here: