Create flight path from 3d model generated by Drone Deplyo

For myself this is just a hobby, but a project idea I have involving flying around certain features of a building and the landscape prompted this idea.

The goal is to have video footage following over a river, travel up over the edge, circle a building, and then approach a front door.

If I had DroneDeploy map the area, producing a 3d model, it would then be nice to be able to create a flight path through this model (certainly having some minimum distance safety parameters would likely be a good idea, on top of having the pilot watch and abort the flight / avoid collisions).
Drone Deploy would then fly the given path while either recording video, or freeing up the camera/video controls for the video operator to manage (in my case, using a DJI inspire 1).

Alternately, if there is another software package that does this video / path problem well, then simply allowing a an absolute (GPS)-specific shape path to be created from the 3d model and then be exported would be a wonderful addition.


Thanks for the feedback. What would you be trying to do with the resulting fly through?

The flythrough would be the camera path for video footage. Allowing it to follow the same path would allow for more attention to be paid to specific image composition, as well as it would allow for comparable re-takes of the footage (speed, direction, etc).

In this circumstance, the drone would fly up through a river bed, come up over the bank, fly between some buildings, and finally orbit around another building.

I am not aware of another program that allows a flight path to be created with absolute GPS co-ordinates in relation to a 3d model.

(I am neither a professional videographer nor a professional drone pilot, but feel there would be benefit for this both from my own dabbling as well as from comments on the main DJI forum from other videographers over the past 6-12 months.)

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Sounds a bit like the concept behind the FreeSkies CoPilot app, which I believe uses Apple 3D maps to plan flight paths.

That looks interesting. Unfortunately it’s just for iOS, but once the idea is out it’s usually just a matter of time until a similar app pops up for Android.