Fly Through

im sure this has been brought up before. But it sure would be nice to have a 3D model flythrough for our customers. Just create a path, speed etc. and the ability to export a .Mov file etc.

alternatively…does anyone know any software that can do this witht the .OBJ File?



Absolutely! I really haven’t seen much mention of this, but I would love to have that functionality. The 3D model view doesn’t do much for us in construction and it is a pain to run an extra map in Pix4D to do it, but we do provide drone services externally and it would be good for clients that are general progress or marketing related. They love the 360 Panos as well.

If you load the .obj file into McNeel’s Rhino program, then you could plan a fly thru path and make a recording. Go to the Rhino Forum and query this subject to get more details.


Nice! Do you have any links to examples? Or to discussions that you think would be the best place to start?