BIM Model with Drone Video?

Hi group,

I have a client request in which they would like a drone flyby/flyover an empty site but, they would like the 3D Revit model integrated. I am reaching out here to see if anyone has any thoughts. I have done this with still photos but never a video. Any thoughts? At the very least, I am thinking of creating a 3D model with DD and dropping that into the Revit model. I would ideally like to show the surrounding area hence the video instead of just the site. Thanks!

I have never rendered a BIM model in a video, but we have had two occasions that may be options. The first was a video of the site with a Navisworks video matching the video mission and they were played side-by-side. We used this several times throughout the construction progress. The other was the point cloud in the Navis BIM model and a fly-through created there.

Another option, that I have never tried, is the combine the two models and create a fly-through using Sketchup (or Revit) and Sketchfab.

I think whatever you do the focus will be on how to render each model. They use very different methods to render. BIM is a shape and structure rendering and photogrammetry models are all about point clouds and textures. Would love to hear what you come up with!

Hey Michael,

Thanks for your reply. I used to be a VDC manager and now a drone pilot but I do not have the skillset to mesh them! Go figure. I have done some work with a rendering company (brick visuals) and I have engaged them for a price. The client is looking for a somewhat high end solution so while I think the NW model will work, they are looking for something more realistic. I’m trying to blow their socks off.

Whatever happens, I’ll be sure to share with the group.

Thanks again Michael.

BTW, we had a beer together at the DD conference with Greg. Good to meet you.



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I thought your name look familiar! I’m terrible at putting faces and names together, LOL. Another cool thing that you can do if you put it in navisworks is fly the site, but also walk through the building. I’ll see if I can do something similar as an example. Haven’t done that in a while so it’s good practice.

Hey Michael,

Just thought I would let you know I found a company who can do this. Here is a sample of their work but exactly what im looking for. This has a bit less realism but they can go higher quality. They are Designblendz.

Thanks again for the help.