Pictures very different

@chasemgray Hello Chase. I am having a few problems with the app. The new version takes very different pictures on iOS and ANDROID devices. This situation was more evident on P3P, (with firmware 1.11.20) and DD 2.0.51 Pictures were taken today a few minutes apart.
On ANDROID 2.0.51

On iOS 2.0.51

On ANDROID 2.0.18

It looks like the older version is better in handeling camera setup, when on automatic. New DD app produce red pictures.

Hope this help to improve the app.


You’re saying the older android version was working better? iOS is looking correct.

I don’t believe anything changed with the camera settings on android. Are the color changes always happening now or was it just for that one day?

Yes. The older DD version produce better pictures . Looks that there are some problems in the camara configuration at the moment that image capture start. I can see how the colors change at that moment in the picture window. Before that colors are closer to real but not the real colors, they look a bit more red than they should be.
And yes iOS seems to produce good pictures.

@chasemgray hello. I am still having the same problem with the red pictures. I am the only one with this issue? On iOS it works ok. On DJI GO it works excelent. As I mentioned the red image in the pictures Windows starts just when the mission begin to Take pictures. Before that the images on the window is excelent. Carlos.