Dark pictures

I made my first fkights whit a P 4 pro. The fight worked to perfection but the oicytures are very dark. I took manual pictuars and was ok.
The day was sunny and i was flying at 50 m.

I had this happen a couple of times and at those times I was using a polarpro ND16 filter. Didn’t think that would cause the problem but took it off and since then all flights have been perfect. Not sure this was the problem but if you have a filter on try removing it.

If you haven’t updated to the new app - 2.0.47 or .48, you should.
I fly with a P4P and am not experiencing that. It may have been a one time issue.

Try this

Open the DJI app and configure the camera settings as desired. I have found on a sunny or bright day, the following settings give consistent results. Shutter priority (S), ISO 100, Speed 800, Aperture Auto. If available, you can also select Auto White Balance and and set the camera to AF (Auto Focus).

Close the DJI app completely (not just the window, make sure you quit completely out of the app if using an iPad)

Open DD and configure your Flight plan.

In the flight plan settings, open the Advanced tab

Make sure you uncheck “Automatic Camera Settings”



You should see this message on the screen as well, but if you have preconfigured the DJI settings per above, you can simply close the message window

DD will now use the custom settings you have set up in the DJI app.

FYI, setting the camera for Shutter priority and at least 800 (1/800 sec) in DJI assures that you will get consistently focused images, and that DJI will adjust the aperture as necessary to be sure there is adequate light for the camera speed.

If you guys PM me your usernames I can enable a new exposure mode in our iOS DD app that should improve your images.


Thank you I will try this, because i have floun in sunny days and the pictures are still dark, not black but dar, but in other aplications works fine.

Thank You
I will try that and tell you.

I tried once, 1/320 but was too dark. Maybe its better fly high at the altitude requested, set the manual camera, and after start the mission.