Overly brown photos

I flew a test mission today. All went exceedingly well except all of my photo’s came out too brown. What should I do?

Using DD 1.5.4 with a P4.

We think the P4 might have a small issue with white balance. We are pushing a fix soon. If you need to fix it in the meantime you can turn off auto cAmera settings in the settings. You have to set your own ISO, shutter, and white balance in DJI go.


I’ll try setting the camera myself and give it another try.

Hi, I ran into the same issue on my first test mission… Everything turned overly yellow/brown.
Has a fix for the white balance been release since Glenn first started this thread?

thanks in advance,

I’m having the same issue. Looking forward to a fix soon.

I am having the same problem, but it doesn’t seem to hurt the false NDVI maps.

This is waiting for apple approval now.

Has this been fixed? We’re getting discolored images using dronedeploy on both our Inspire and Phantom 4 using auto camera settings.

Yes this was fixed. We’re looking into the issue to see if something new is happening.

Did you plan this flight on the desktop or on the phone?

Bit of a combination if I recall correctly. I think I created it on the desktop, then modified it on an iPad when I got to the field.

I cant seem to change my setting on the DD app. Ive seen it were auto camera settings are off and Ive seen it where auto camera settings are on. If I try to slide the switch nothing changes. So I fly with what it says and photos seem to come out ok. But my point is I cant move the setting.

I did the same flight twice with the second time changing to a polarising filter to see if any difference but no change in overly brown/yellow images except as usual the filter images are much better generally taking out all glare.

What is the fix stated above for the imagery?

Flights with P4 in near perfect conditions. Did the flight again using another app and imagery as it should be and all very high quality.

Thanks in advance for any information.

This is only with the P4 correct? We see a lot more white balance issues with the P4. We’ve been investigating some alternatives that may help. What’s frustrating is that it doesn’t seem to happen for most P4s. We hope to have some fixes for users that see this in the near future. In the meantime you can turn off the auto camera settings and set up your camera settings in DJI Go.