Very dark photos from P3 on v1.4.4

Tried a couple missions today and I was saddened to see that all the photos that the DD app took were super dark. For some reason, the app seems to be reducing the camera’s exposure greatly when taking pictures. I manually took some oblique images right after using DJI Go and they were normal exposure.

I only noticed this behavior after upgrading to 1.4.4. Exposure on previous version was fine. Any ideas?

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I had a similar challenge, but when using the Android App to fly a 20 acre field. I flew two flights, one right after the other, the first flight was around 80/70 overlap, took 170 pictures and then I flew a second flight at 85/75 overlap, took 380 pictures to see if there would be a difference in the image stitching. It was getting later into the day, but by no means getting dark and the takeoff times were within 15 minutes of one another - so I don’t feel darkness was an issue, but had similar results where the first flight took great pictures, and the second flight were nearly black.

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I have this same issue on my P4Pro using the latest version of drone deploy. Camera was set to use auto settings in DD. Used 80/70 overlap.

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I am seeing similar behaviour, On a sunny day, I did one mission that went fine.
Moved to another location and the results when I got back in were almost black, with a very high ISO making the photos extremely grainy.

So I went back out and ran the mission again, this time they all have a pinkish tint to them. Not going to manually fix a few hundred photos!

Went back today to run the same mission on another sunny day, and they all have the pinkish tint again. Unfortunately this was my last chance since the intersection will be closed for two years for reconstruction, so my before map will be pink…

Phantom 3 Pro, v1.9.60
Controller 1.6.0
DroneDeploy 2.0.24


Did you get a response or explanation from DD for this problem? I had the same issue and after several emails to and from DD still do not have an acknowledgement that there is a problem or a solution.

This are more improvements to exposure coming in the next release. Sorry you’re having trouble.

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Yeah, same here. I was able to somewhat bulk correct it with GIMP and a plugin called “BIMP” tho, but the colors look a bit wrong in areas where it’s almost completely dark and no information is left anymore. But it’s better than nothing.

Until then I hope you guys bring the update :slight_smile:

Which version did you try? 2.0.40 should have improvements to this

Simply launch with the DJI APP set you manual camera settings… Close it then launch the DD app. FYI making sure you setup your missions to use manual camera settings. I have been shafted to many times to trust the app so doing it this way assures a good photo. One other hint especially if you are not a professional photographer use the histogram when setting up the manual photo settings.