Tone of images

Hi, I flew my first drone deploy mission today using my Phantom 4. All went well apart from the tone of my images, they all have an amber tone. I am not sure if it has anything to do with the time of day, although the conditions were cloudy and about two hours before sunset.

Drone P4, Apple IOS on a 6+ phone. UAV flown at 200ft.

I kept the camera control on auto as I thought the camera might have a better idea of shutter speed etc for this first project?



Hi Julian - sorry about this. The white balance on the P4 is a known bug, and we’re working to get this corrected for the next version of the app.


Hi Neema, thank you for your prompt reply. Out of interest when are you looking to release the next version of your app.



hopefully within a week to a week and a half- please check back for updates. Thank you :slight_smile:

I had the same problem. Here is the work around given by DD support which has been working well for me.



We think the P4 might have a small issue with white balance. We are pushing a fix soon. If you need to fix it in the meantime you can turn off auto cAmera settings in the settings. You have to set your own ISO, shutter, and white balance in DJI go."

Thank you Glen, I will give it a go.


Looking forward to the update! :smile:

And btw. The Phantom 4 together with DD flies perfectly well!!

Thank you DD!!

So am I Martin

One thing I have noticed in my one and only flight with DD and my P4 is the above colouration and the UAV took photographs all the way to the work site and took photographs whilst turning which seem to cause problems in the post processing.