Image Quality Phantom 4 Pro

Yesterday I have done some testflights with the latest versions of DD app and firmware on P4P. Because there where some problems with the exposure in auto mode, I did also a testflight with pix4D capture to compare, both with photo mode auto. The results are interesting, left side is the picture from DD and right side a picture taken with pix4D capture:

btw: I did also a flight with DD used manual setting (shutter priority, ISO 100, manual white balance) in the DJI app, as recommanded from DD. But the pictures wehre always taken with a exposure time with 1/5000, means pix where absolutly under exposured.

thanks for any suggestions.

Can you let me turn on our new exposure mode for iOS and let you rerun your test?



Hi Chase

Thanks for your reply. I use an Android device, is there also a new exposure mode?

Extra information: when I use the auto settings in the DJI app, also in the DD app auto camera settings is on. And also vice versa with manual camera settings. I guess that’s the meaning of the config there. But there are different experiences here from users with different configs (DJI on, DD off / DJI off, DD on). Could that be a reason for the effect?

Tanks for your investigations.


No suggestions about this problem?

If you have DD auto settings off it will use whatever settings you already set in DJI go, so there should be no difference. If you use auto on Android, there is a possibility for either focus problems or shutter speed blur though these issues don’t often happen.

Looks like the focus is set to infinity as everything is slightly out of focus and the other image is obviously sharpened unnaturally. Looks good though. I am assuming that if you are on the latest version of DD that the DD control is set as default so I would try turning DD off and seeing what you get from DJI. Did you use auto settings in Capture? Or did you use some custom camera settings?