Camera Color Issues on Automatic Settings

I have been having the same problem with every flight I have flown recently. I use DD for Agriculture and I have always had great success flying fields and getting them to stitch high-quality maps. Lately, when using my RGB camera, the first pass of photos has a darker color to it and then the rest of the field has lighter color. Some of the fields seem to change color on every other pass or randomly. I will include some photos below to show what is going on, but this really screws with the plant health and makes it rather useless when half the field has a different tint than the other half. This is while using the automated settings in DD. I have not had this issue till recently so wondering if it has something to do with the updated app version. Using 4.48.0 on my iPad with an Inspire 2 and X4S camera. Any help is appreciated and I can provide more detail if needed. Thanks.

Here is an example. I also will share an export from the map with the plant health and ortho. You can see the different color really impacts the plant health.


There are some obvious differences between the subject in the two OP images but they are off to the side so I don’t think that is the culprit.

What altitude?
Where was the sun?
Full DroneDeploy auto settings?

The last image is really cool because you can basically see that the changes are happening in rows like it is happening in one direction but not the other. I think the biggest problem though is that change in hue which I can’t get a grasp on because the subject is so homogenous. I don’t know much about Inspire cameras but we used to have hue issues with the first Phantom 3 Pro we had. It was very noticeable in areas that had a yellow or magenta hue. That was a long time ago but seems very similar. Looks like yours got the green/yellow issue.

I think this is one of those that is not consistent and of a nature that would be difficult to isolate and diagnose so a support email is probably the best bet. Hopefully someone with similar hardware will chime in.

Thanks for the response Michael. I believe that map was flown at 250 ft AGL, camera settings on auto, and it was around 5 o’clock CST so the sun was lower than I would have liked. This has happened on every flight I have done in the last month no matter what time of the day and I have plenty more examples I could share. I am not sure when it started happening but I never had this problem before and I have been making maps on DD for 4 years now. I did try and go in DJI go and set the exposure manually and it still seems to not work. I am stumped as to why it is happening every mission now. Only thing I could think of is when flying the edge of the field the camera is focusing on the road instead of the crop, so I moved away from the edge and still have the same phenomenon.

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The sun being that low could have something to do with this one but not if it is every flight. Can you fly something different that doesn’t have so much green in it?

It is one of those instances where I wish we could roll back versions. We keep a device that we installed and then removed the AppleID but it gets old quick with their release pace. A good place to start though.

I could try flying something other than a field and see if I have better results. I actually had not updated my app for about 2 years until this spring. I read that people were having issues so I stayed away from it. The only reason I updated was so I could use the stand count feature. It seems like when I use my modified X4S camera, which I use for plant health only, it does not have the same problem.