Phantom 4 Imaging Issues - White Balance, High ISO

On Sunday I was doing aerial mapping for a real estate developer. Since the area I was mapping was quite large, I ended up having to do a flight with my Phantom 4 and my older Phantom 3 Professional.

Despite both maps having “Automatic Camera Settings” enabled, the difference between the images was shocking.

The Phantom 4 photographs had the deep yellow color cast that others had reported but also had a large number of photographs taken at an ISO of 1600 despite doing the job in the middle of the day when there was plenty of light available.

The Phantom 3 Professional photographs had great color and low ISO values which yielded a much better image set.

Do we have any updates on when this will be corrected? I know a temporary fix is to use manual camera settings but when I’m doing really big jobs, I hate to lose time setting the exposure for the photographs when this should be relatively easy for Drone Deploy to set automatically.

When the ISO gets bumped up beyond 400, the image quality really takes a huge hit.

Hope this is resolved soon.

PS: I also experienced two other issues on this flight. One, a low battery warning resulted in the drone returning home. While returning home the Drone Deploy app stopped providing telemetry and location information (very unnerving when you’re got a low battery and need confidence that the drone is actually coming home!). Second, on another map the Phantom 4 was at the end of a row when all of a sudden it brought the camera back up to be level with the horizon and stopped taking photos. I ended up having to use PixHawk’s DataMapper app to redo that mission (and it did so flawlessly).

I love Drone Deploy - I just hate to see these issues happening more frequently. I’ve made many, many maps…this seems to be a recent situation.

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If the app and the drone are functioning properly the ISO should always be around 100-200. We have some new logging info coming in the app that should help us debug things like this. The phantom 4 has always had more of the color issues for us than other drones.