Phantom 4 - White Balance

Hi, I am struggeling with the P4 and DD. The DD app (Android) seems to reset the camera White Balance on every mission. Irrespective if it’s on Auto/Manual. As soon as mission altitude is reached the white banace changes to “manual WB” with the lowest possible kelvin reading.

Any help appreciated

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Hi @Louis - thank you for flagging this. Could you please send a few examples of your maps with incorrect white balance to ? I will look into it further and pass the issue on for our engineering team.

having the same problem, a pic attached.

Encounter same issue here.

I have also had this problem. Deleting and Reinstalling the app can help but it only appears to be a temporary fix.

We had something similar happen during flight but also changed exposure. After only half dozen or so images were taken (with good exposure and color balance) something happened and the entire dataset went south.

Tried again…no luck, made terrible pictures…mostly just color balance issues but it was under exposed a little.

No fix yet DroneDeploy?

Hi Everyone

We’ve flagged this for our team and are working on getting this fixed. It’s a very frustrating issue, and we apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.

Unfortunately, depending on the type of site, using the manual settings for Sunny may work better than the auto settings. This is relevant for:

  • deserts
    -maps where the sun drastically affects the map quality across legs of flight
    -drastic terrain changes. Say, for example, you go from sand to forest and then to dirt. The white balance will attempt to update at each point, but may misjudge for certain segments.

Is there anything you could do to the app, to set it up from the app. It seems to me that the auto settings is not the ideal tool if the objective is to make an orthomap or analize ndvi in crops. I just did a test and during the first flight (first batery) it was ok, but after swapping batteries the problem came back again.

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The goal for the app is to have it automatically adjust per area- the problem it runs into is that the first set of adjustments are not always appropriate for the second, hence the suggestion to use manual settings overall.

I had the same thing happen yesterday as well as a few weeks ago.

While Drone Deploy is fixing this issue does anyone have suggestions for manual settings?

Just created an account today to test Drone Deploy for emergency management mapping use. Made my first small scan (about 9 acres) with a Phantom 4 and it looks like I’m having the same color issue noted in this thread. We really can’t evaluate the tool in this present condition. Could I suspend or extend my trial so we have an opportunity to see the intended results? This seems like a bad time to test.

Your trial doesn’t really start until you make a map.

I started making a map then realized the source photo color wasn’t normal, and left before the map was finished. So does the trial start when the first map is completed, or when I began processing a map - which didn’t finish?

Hmm. that may mean trial started. Either way, that bug should be resolved with a version going out today or tomorrow. Depending on if it’s android or iOS.

Thanks for the replies. I deleted the app and reloaded (iOS) per a suggestion above, and it seemed to take normal photos this time. Excited to test this out!

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Hi Everyone

We have now updated both our iOS and Android apps. Please give them a try and report back to us if you are still seeing issues with white balance.

Thank you!

hi, i had my first go with dd and p4 today and mine look very greenish- how do i update the app?

Hi, I just flew yesterday using DD iOS app with P4 and all 499 pictures were yellow. You can see the comparison between the photos from DD and the regular photo from DJI GO app, flying the same site, same time.

Can you check again if the new app update really works?