Adjusting drone speed to minimize high ISO values

We can all agree that the Phantom 3/4 cameras are good at ISO 100 but rapidly deliver very poor image quality as ISO is increased. Several of my maps are done at automatic camera settings where the Drone Deploy app seems to be aiming at getting at least a 1/200th second shutter speed. It needs this shutter speed because often the drone is RACING across the sky at a fast pace.

In many circumstances, I understand the logic. Big areas need faster speeds.

Smaller areas, however, would surely benefit from being able to slow down the drone’s speed so that lower ISO values can be consistently achieved. Lower ISO means MUCH better map quality since the underlying images have less noise.

I hope this feature comes soon. It’s been a capability provided by PixHawk’s DataMapper for quite some time. Drone Deploy is better in so many ways but this is one area where we need to catch up, quick!


Hi @iflyskyhawks, please know that we are trying to do a better job on setting ISO. Thank you for the feedback that you have provided here!

Have you managed to do a better job? Better than simply using “low light” 400 ISO switch? Can I set to ISO 200 manually on Drone and know speed images are taken at?

There has been allot of development since this thread was posted almost 4 years ago! We have had the capability to use the manual DJI Go 4 settings for quite some time. The option is in Advanced right below the Low Light option.

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