Shutter Speed for Mapping

Hi. I was just wondering what is considered a good shutter speed when creating maps. I am guessing it varies but with a speed of 9m/sec and altitude of 70m for example. Also you have an option of locking gimble when taking photo in settings. Does anyone know what this means and the advantage of it?

Are you looking at the settings in DroneDeploy or DJI Go?

The best shutter speed is going to depend greatly on the ambient light and the speed that you want to run the bird at. In general terms with medium light I would suggest an ISO of 800-1000 and a shutter speed of 1000-1200, The shutter speed can then be adjusted for your lighting conditions, but if you have to go below 1000, turn the ISO up.

Thanks for that advise. I had some recollection of reading to set manually the ISO to 100 rather than leaving it in auto in a drone deploy document but i have found shutter speeds really suffer. And especially if using a polarizer.
I figured that particularly with a flight moving 9m/sec you would need a decent shutter speed if able under decent light so by setting shutter priority to say 1000 would make good sense and let the camera adjuster the aperture to allow that speed.