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I have a wish for an implementation as well. Due to the fact I don’t have a mechanical shutter I’m sometimes struggling with motion blurring. To avoid this I’m starting with DJI Go4, take some test images and then go ahead with DD.
It would make it much easier, if we would have the possibility to check the images while flying for example. Because especially when we are flying bigger areas, we can just check the images after the whole flight is done. So if they are blurry, we have to do anything again which costs lots of time.

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What speed are you flying? Also, can you use higher shutter speed/ISO etc?

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yeah I got kind of sorted it now, using the low light Modus and adjusting the shutter in dji go. But still I am always afraid of motion blurring while flying because I can’t see what it looks like.
It’s probably not too bad on small sites due to the fact that you can just repeat the mission. But on bigger maps I just want to be 100% sure not to have any issues. So even I got it sorted I think it would be a great idea to implement this somehow, like in the dji app as well.

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Yes you are right higher shutter speed would defiantly work!


Low Light mode bumps the ISO to 400 so if that doesn’t get it then it is probably too dark to map. Anything faster than the auto-shutter at that ISO will under expose and a higher ISO would cause noise.

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Thanks anyway…..!!!

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