Shutter speed too slow

I did a flight yesterday morning in cloudy conditions at 200 feet. The shutter speed I was getting on my photos was 1/40. The pictures were fine but I felt like they could be a little crisper. What determines the shutter speed when you do a flight and is there anyway to adjust it manually or have it be faster?

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Did you run the low light setting?

Nope. That setting was off.


Give that a try. It should change the default ISO to 400 which will speed up the shutter at little. You might also try turning off the DroneDeploy control so that the system uses the DJI settings in which you can control all the settings but in my experience setting to 400 ISO has looked very good.

P.S. That’s pretty crazy that I went to Reddit and your post was second from the top. They really need to quit spying on us. :wink:

I’ll give it a try. All I really want is less motion blur in the photos. I believe I have flown in similar conditions before and the shutter speed was not that slow. Also there were a lot of tall trees on this site, would that have any affect on it? Probably a stupid question.

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Definitely. If the trees are darker than the rest of the site then they will most likely require a longer shutter speed. Problem is that you come off the trees to bare ground on so other lighter material and the first image or two are blown out.

Ok thanks. Although the shutter speed was slow, somehow the map and model still turned out pretty good in terms of quality so I guess that’s what is most important. Although I feel like they could be better.


This is actually something we have noticed as well. Fine detail will suffer but the overall model actually has an interesting affect almost like a low-poly model where the are many less little bump because there are less tie-points. The orthos may look a little worse but really not to bad.