Low light option in app

Is there any info available for the new Low Light option that appeared under Advanced settings on the app? I can’t seem to find what it does exactly.

I’m assuming it just slows the drone down to compensate longer exposure, but when you tick it the estimated flight time doesn’t change.

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It increases the ISO of images taken during mapping to improve capture sensitivity during times with less than ideal lighting. This will not affect flight time.

It is further recommended to reduce speed of the drone in low light situations to reduce risk of motion blur.


Thanks, do we know what ISO it uses as a maximum?

Also, do we know if the extra noise created by higher ISOs is dimished by the overlapping photos? Kind of like the stacking effect in astrophotography?

@Andrew_Fraser is correct, but the default ISO is 100 and the Low Light option app takes the ISO to 400. I never have any problems running in deep overcast skies which, in my opinion, are about the darkest conditions you should map in. We also have to consider shutter speed and aperture. My ranges seem to be F4.5 to F6 and 1/120 to 1/500 so there is already allot of range there.

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Has anybody tried this toggle yet? How noisy do the images become and does the noise affect the processed ortho?

Thanks, J.

I never run into conditions that would require it, but I’ll try it tomorrow.

I ran a map in low light just after sunrise at 75M AGL with 400 ISO (manual settings, NOT using the “Low Light” option) on a Phantom 4 recently.
The results are not perfect, but they are definitely usable, and a little bit of post processing helped too to brighten them up.
All in all, given less than ideal lighting, 400 is a usable maximum ISO.

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My experience is that there is minimal noise on P4P, Mavic Air, or Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom at ISO 400. Motion blur is catastrophic for accuracy and quality while a little more noise has very little negative effect in reconstruction. In the UK the light is so poor in the winter that increasing ISO is pretty much required unless you want to fly very slowly.

This map was the Mavic Air at ISO 1600 (!), you can see the noise, but compared to the blurry mess at ISO100 I think it’s well worth the tradeoff. (Check out the 3D model to see what houses in England look like!)

Try it!

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Thanks for the expertise! Actually looking at the deep shadows of that map there is not a recognizable noise that should disturb any imaging. I wonder if they did any post-processing? My filter that I run also compensates for noise, but you have to be very careful to only affect pixels in the magenta range.

As for the region, I would happily fly over for room and board if they want to learn how to post-process… :vulcan_salute:

I flew that map - it’s my family home :wink:

No post processing - just uploaded to DD!

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