ISO set at 400 on bright sunny day? Why? How to set to 100-200

Please advise what the auto settings are for ISO on a P4Adv/Pro?
On a bright sunny day i would have though 100 ISO for a 1/300th or 1/400th capture speed would have been possible and provided the best quality images.
However, i have just seen my images are all taken at 400 ISO (NOT GOOD/GRAINY) and although not blurry, not the desired settings.
Please explain how I can get a MAX ISO setting of 200, still take images at speed, and not be in danger of blurred images??
P.S. I did not have “Low Light” on.

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DroneDeploy is ISO 100 by default unless you enable the low-light setting (ISO 400) or defer camera control to DJI.

Many thanks for reply.

Therefore, if all controls are reliant on Dronedeploy (ie not set ON to use DJI settings for Focus etc) is there any way of knowing Aperture, and Shutter speed settings used, before downloading imagery?

Obviously, I’m trying to fly as fast as possible, but get the sharpest images with a low ISO (NOT above 200)…and know all is ok before completing 3hr missions. I’d be grateful if you can advise all other default settings (Aperture 5.6?, Shutter Speed, AutoFocus infinity???..) settings.

Does a paid version offer more statistics/analytics options?

Thanks so much for the help.

Get BlueMail for Android

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As far as I know ISO is the only parameter that is static and the rest are as they would be in Auto. If you’re just talking about camera settings there isn’t any additional functionality in a paid account.

Is that correct @Kaitlin, @Erika_Houseman?