Phantom 4 taking Blue/Greenish Photos

Hi Guys

I’m new to this and am just testing my new Phantom 4 with the DroneDeploy Software - which is fantastic, but I’m having a small issue with the photos.

All the photos are a blue/greenish tint to them and look terrible when I’m overlaying on my irrigation plans. I did try Pix4D and the photos on that a fine, so I’m just wondering if I’m doing anything wrong??

I have left the drone and DroneDeploy all on standard setting and have touched nothing. As the drone is going to the set altitude the camera image looks fine, but as soon as it starts the mission the camera changes to this blue/green tint.

I have attached an image to show you what I mean


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hi @BIDGEEPUMPS - please see here for this discussion:

I’m having the same issue with the white balance when I use my Phantom 4 with DroneDeploy. Is there a resolution? I deleted the app and reloaded it but I am still having this problem


I’m having the same issue!
I reset all the camera parameter over DJI GO, but when the Drone take of and start take picture for the mapping the problem continues!
I’m using Phantom P4 with Firmware V01.02.0503 DroneDeploy V 0.0.63-2.0.19

Any help?

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Hi Felipe

We are are this is happening to some users. Sorry about your troubles, we’re working on reducing this.


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Thanks Mike.
Do you have any ideia what is causing this problem?

Hello Guys!!!
Good news, I just received an e-mail from Dronedeploy and works for me!
See the e-mail.

Hi Felipe,

Thanks for reaching out-

Within DroneDeploy, please go to the Advanced Settings tab within your flight plan. Here, you’ll see “Automatic Camera settings.” Turning this off means your flight will use the current camera settings in the DJI Go app. Once you’ve exited DroneDeploy, please enter the DJI Go app and enter the desired settings for your current conditions. By using manual settings you will be able to account for the cameras ISO. By using this you should be able to fix the blue tint you are currently seeing in your maps. Please let me know if the issue persists. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Please let us know if we can help with anything otherwise.



Hope that works for you!