Phantom 3 Standard

I’ve got a P3 Standard. Will DD work with the P3S? If not, what about a P2 with go-pro?


DJI hasn’t released SDK support for the Phantom 3 Standard. It’s not 100% clear if or when this is going to happen.

We’ve deprecated our Phantom 2 support, but it is still accessible in the Play store. Unfortunately, I think it will only work with a Phantom 2 Vision+ with DJI’s camera.

If you take images with either of these drones, you can still upload to DroneDeploy’s Map Engine to stitch the images together. @jono can send you and invite for that.

can you give me an idea of how many photos you would need say per acre or by linear foot at say 250’ elevation to produce a result?


I also have a Phantom 3 Standard. Now that the new firmware update allows us to set waypoints, is there a way we can set it to take burst photos in order to create a 3D map of the surveyed area? I would like to know if we can take photos through DJI and upload them onto DroneDeploy in order to stitch together. Thanks!

We have some initial tests running the standard. This will hopefully be in a future update.