New Firmware Update for Phantom 3 Standard

Continuing the discussion from Phantom 3 Standard:

We should have standard support in the near future for iOS.

Any news about that ?

We have a firmware to P3 STD but no app to control that ? There are any date of release preview or beta test?

Thanks! I really bought de Standard to use with drone deploy cause in the site in description of suported drones the P3 is listed … here in Brasil drones are very expensive. Imagine a cost like 4.0000 for a P3 STD .. and 7.000 - 8.000 for the professional … BRL is 4 to 1 …

Standard should work with the latest DroneDeploy on Android and iOS.

I understand but in my control there is only a micro USB input that does not recognize my RC . Have you ever seen a P3 Standard working with DroneDeploy ? The P3 Standard has its connection to the control only by wifi …

You have to be connected via wifi for the standard. DroneDeploy will see the drone if it is connected the same way as DI Go.

Thanks a lot chasemgray, i will try again only with the wifi !