Mavic 3 PRO

Can I use DroneDeploy app to capture photos using a DJI Mavic3 PRO?
Is it availlable?

Do you mean a DJI Mini 3 Pro? There is only a Mavic 3, Mavic 3 Classic and Mavic 3 Enterprise. They dropped the “Mavic” moniker on all the other drones including the Air 2S.

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I mean Mavic 3.

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To my knowledge there is no “Pro” model of the Mavic 3. Only the Mavic 3 Enterprise has support at this time until DJI decides they want to release the firmware necessary for DroneDeploy to work with.

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hello , Would it be possible to do the mapping manually? importing the point cloud

There is no Mavic 3 Pro. If you’re talking about the DJI Mini 3 Pro then yes you can manually upload images taken using any flight program to processing.

Hi Im talking about Mavic 3, not mini pro

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It has been reported by DJI that the Mavic 3 and the Mavic 3 Classic will not be receiving an SDK release unless they decide to change their minds later. This means that there will not be any mapping support by any company unless someone figures out a workaround with joystick waypoints.

So there is now a Mavic 3 Pro with a Pro Controller, will it work with DD?

Edit - When I say work I mean it will do waypoints etc like the Mavic 2 does i.e. I draw a square on DD and I can send drone off and technically turn off controller and eat lunch while drone maps property.

Not officially yet. DJI will have to release the SDK first. Then they have to engineer and test it. Even though all the Mavic 3’s appear similar they are very different from a firmware and sensor standpoint.

Well, I can order one now and it will be here on May 9th. Does this update enable the regular Mavic 3 to work like the Air 2S
“DJI did, however, enable native Waypoint Flight support in the Mavic 3 consumer drone series recently through a firmware update. While that’s no substitute for an MSDK, the new automated flight mode does enable Mavic 3 consumer drones to follow a specified flight path over and over again with customization options for camera action, altitude, speed, heading, gimbal tilt, zoom, and hovering time.”

My Mavic 2 is starting to wear out and I still can’t swallow 3E pricing…


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I think that is yet to be seen until someone releases one from its box but it would be pretty freak’n short-sided to not include waypoints on a “Pro” drone. We all know they sometimes have a particular skill though…