DJI P3Standard

Question about P3Standard and DroneDeploy. Does anyone on this forum use a DJI Phantom 3 Standard with the DD system? I have found no YouTube vids showing the use of P3S nor any SketchFab imagery done with this drone. DroneDeploy lists DJI P3S as an enabled drone. I am having trouble getting DD to work with my P3S quad. Thx

ps, I don’t care about near infrared recording. I know the P3S camera is not capable of that.

Hi Frank,

Have you seen this yet? I would make sure DJI Go firmware is up to date and the latest version of DD is installed.

Thanks for the note back , Kara. I think I’ve made progress today, kind of by mistake !

I still have not found any 3D images recorded using DD and a DJI Phantom 3 Standard. But, I have at least got my system to boot up and establish 'Map Waypoints" after clicking on the airplane icon on the DD app.

Regarding your set up for DJI drones instructions , I think you left out a step. It’s easy enough to say “turn off the DJI Go app” but for those of us who have not flown our Phantoms without the DJI app. on(do you mean to uninstall the app.??? No way.) So how do you do it? How do you turn off the app. ? Just log out of it? No. When I do that and then start the RC and the drone battery, the camera gimbal goes nuts !!! Like herky-jerky nuts.

Finally today I tried “Force Stop” on the DJI Go app. wondering what that would do. Samsung 5 mobile; DJI Phantom 3 Standard. WITH THE PROPS OFF. Your DD instructions do not say click Forced Stop on the app. manager which is under ‘settings’ the white gear icon on the blue background. Like I say, for a Nube, who would think? This allowed the DD app. to find waypoints and prep to fly. After two days of Nubie trying.

Too breezy tonight to fly. Will try tomorrow and report back but it looks like your system may work for DJI P3S at this point in time. Fingers crossed.


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ps, I love RealPlayer. I have downloaded and recorded all of your DroneDeploy vids off YouTube; and many others uploaded by people using DD and Phantoms. Thx again.

Yes, definitely it is the ‘Force Stop’ operation that allows Drone Deploy to work and also allows DJI GO to control the Phantom 3 Standard from an android device. With both DD and DJI GO installed on my Samsung 5 phone, neither will work if the other is not Forced Stopped.

With DD un-stopped, DJI GO shows ‘weak signal’, max altitude =0, Return to Home altitude = 0 and when the quad is powered up the camera gimbal goes bonkers.

With DJI GO un-stopped, DD shows no waypoints selected so it won’t allow the quad to take off.

Both apps. are loaded on my S5 phone, select Apps, select ‘Settings’ (white gear over blue square icon), scroll down through settings to Application manager (4 white squares
in a blue circle), scroll down in App. manager to app. DJI GO and hit FORCE STOP. This allows DD to work on the quad. To then fly your ‘point of interest’ route using DJI GO to shoot the side angles of the scene do the same procedure and FORCE STOP D.D. and activate DJI GO by clicking on the icon for it on your device.

Now to attempt to upload the images (data).

To be honest - i expected something a bit different and iam feel disappointed.

DJI told a GEO will be a solution what will give a possibility of self-authorise flights and unlock zones.
The new geo map is the old map with a bit larger RED circles (not unlockable zones), with larger yellow (unlockable), and gren self-authorisation.

GEO is change nothing to us. Zero additive value, because a old RED zones, are still old. We get more restrictions and yellow radiuses over old red zones.

Guess Who want more restriction and less flexibility? Yes, no - no one here.
Who want to give you a details about flights (log of unlocking more areas)? Yes, still no one.
Why we should we want to have our devices locked, with more restrictions when we have it less restrictive now? Yes, there is no reason to.
Why we should connect to the DJI again? Maybe better solution is block all connections to DJI to prevent more NFZ additions? Yes, it is better solution


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